August 2019 ─ 1st Squad Challenge

0819 – Bubbles Challenge


This month’s challenge is adapted from the USMC pre-dive training requirements. It’s a select few exercises that our Combat Divers have to do before beginning the course.



1st Squad is proud to be one of the  sponsors for the 2nd Annual Diving Devil Dogs Ride/Ruck & Rock event held at Lake Pleasant Marina, AZ on 07 September 2019. 

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Challenge History

The Marine Combatant Diver Course (MCDC) is the primer school for combatant diving within the armed forces. Its goal is to take Marines from the Reconnaissance and MARSOC communities, and turn them into the most proficient, combat ready divers within the operational forces.  While attending MCDC Marines will be challenged every day in ways others could only imagine. Only Marines with the utmost perseverance, mental toughness, and espirit de corps will leave this course as Combatant Divers. We will give you the tools to be successful in the aquatic environment.

US Marine Corps

A Marine going into the Combat Divers Course must first be able to pass the physical fitness requirements for Special Operations as well as complete a Pre-Dive course. This challenge consists of a small sample of the exercises required to pass the Special Operations Physical Fitness test along with some of the requirements to pass the Combat Divers Course. 

Are you up to the challenge? 

Challenge Details

Ruck / Run Distance :

5 Miles

Choose either a ruck or a run; you don't have to do both. Complete at your own pace.

Special Operations Requirements:

During the Special Operations Physical Fitness Test a Marine has 75 minutes to complete a 5 mile Ruck or 40 minutes to complete a 5 mile run.

Ruck Weight :

You Choose

Beginner = 10 pounds dry.
Intermediate = 20 pounds dry
Expert = 30+ pounds dry

Special Operations Requirements:

Recon / Raider Marines taking this course must pass the Special Operations Physical Fitness Test. If they choose the ruck they have to carry a 45# dry weight Ruck.

Exercises :

Special Operations Fitness Test

40 Pushups, 40 Situps, 6 Pullups, 6 Dips, 6 80% bodyweight bench Press, 20 foot rope climb with 25# vest or body armor, 6 Kip-ups, 24 seconds 4x25m Shuttle Run, and either a 5 mile run or ruck with less than 1 minute rest between events.

Swim :

100 Meters

Use a pool, lake, or open water.

Pre-Dive Course

During the pre-dive course (which must be completed to attend MCDC) Marines perform underwater swims, swim sprints, breath holds underwater and fin swims. To complete the course they must complete the Special Operations Fitness test along with a 500-meter swim.

Challenge patch

Everyone who registers will receive a patch! This month’s patch was designed by: 

August 19 Bubbles Challenge - earn your Bubbles

Our Partner:

Diving Devil Dogs

1st Squad has partnered with the Diving Devil Dogs for their 2nd annual Ride / Ruck & Rock event. This challenge will raise money to support the event and their mission!

1st Squad will also be leading the 5 mile ruck held at the event this year!

For more intel on the Diving Devil Dogs click the button below.

Diving Devil Dogs of Arizona

Accept the Challenge


August 19 Bubbles Challenge - earn your Bubbles


Most frequent questions and answers

No, you don’t have to complete the challenge and you will still receive your patch and help support the Diving Devil Dogs!

But if you’re able why wouldn’t you complete it?

This is a fundraiser Challenge that will help support the Diving Devil Dogs. It also costs money to produce and ship the patches. 

YES! To see how we have helped the Diving Devil Dogs, take a look over HERE.

All patches should be shipped out by the first of September.