We support our nations Heroes!

— 1st Squad

Our Mission:

Our mission is to generate support and awareness for our nation’s service members, veterans, wounded warriors, and first responders through the sale of branded merchandise, products, virtual challenges, and events. 

What We Do:

Apparel & Merchandise

We sell branded, patriotic apparel and merchandise.
33% of all profits go to helping a veteran or first responder organizations.


We offer monthly challenges that you can choose to participate in.
Once you register for one of our virtual challenges, completing (or not completing) it is completely up to you.
At the beginning of the following month we will mail out patches to everyone who registered for the challenge, whether you completed it or not.
The proceeds from each virtual challenge will go to helping the organization we sponsored that month.

Our Vision:


Our goal is to donate over $100k per month to help our veterans, first responders and their families through organizations and 1-on-1 causes such as providing vehicles, housing, or educational assistance to individual Veterans / Responders. We intend to accomplish this goal by donating 75% of all proceeds to selected organizations that serve our nations heroes.


Our goal is to create high quality branded and patriotic apparel designed by veterans and first responders.


Our goal is to provide monthly virtual challenges that are able to be completed by anyone and are related to the training and / or memory of our military men and women.


Our goal is to sponsor monthly events in all 50 states.

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