We support our nations Heroes!

1st Squad was founded by a patriotic, combat disabled veteran to support our veteran community by upholding and expressing Patriotism and the American values that have made the United States of America the greatest nation in history…

We believe in:

Unity under one flag… the American Flag!

The constitution, and our rights under it, especially the 2A!

And we WILL fight to the end for, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness!

What We Do:

Apparel & Merchandise

We sell branded, patriotic apparel and merchandise.
A portion of all profits go to helping one of our selected organizations.

Wood Art

We create custom, handmade, wooden American flags for your wall or shelf. Made by disabled combat veterans, a portion of all sales are donated to one of our selected organizations.

Non-FFL Firearms Dealer

We offer custom built AR15 upper receivers, Glock parts, gun care products, and a variety of small parts to upgrade your AR or complete your build.

We are honored to currently offer Aero Precision, Faxon Firearms, and Armaspec products.


We offer custom Cerakote finishes on all sorts of items, but primarily on firearms. Contact Us about your custom Cerakote project.

Our Impact (so far)

Don't knock humble beginnings

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